You’re running late coming home from work, you don’t really know what you’re going to feed the family yet… and you’re racking your brain to decide how to make somethingĀ rather ordinary quite extraordinary! What do you do? Grab some Afrikoz Spice!

Feed Afrikoz Spices to your family... They'll love you for it!
Feed Afrikoz Spices to your family… They’ll love you for it!

Welcome to Afrikoz Spices — bringing fresh, hand-blended traditional spice combinations from the four corners of Africa into the Aussie home. Whether you’re preparing food for yourself or for the whole family, our North, South, East and West varieties are available for your cooking pleasure. Antioxidant rich, low in sodium and gluten free, you’ll love our exotic blend of traditional spices that add instant pizazz to your meals.

Let’ s face it… we could all use a little spice in our lives to make a boring day more interesting! Use Afrikoz Spices to enhance the flavour of stews and casseroles, sprinkle over roasts, fish and vegetable dishes or as a rub on barbequed meats and chicken. Our fresh spice blends are concentrated, so you’ll only need to use a teaspoon at a time… A 100g jar will last some time before it runs out.

Take a look at the product info to see the origin of our spices and the various uses they can be put to on the Product Info page. If you’re wondering what Afrikoz Spices taste like, make sure to read the tasting comments from our canny Spice Connoisseur while you’re there!

Check out our Recipes section to get some innovative ideas on how to make delicious meals with our spices, or signup to our siteĀ  to submit your own. We’d love to see and share your cullinary creations!

You can buy Afrikoz Spices from selected retail outlets on the Central Coast of NSW, by placing an online order through PayPal, or via email order. Simply visit our Spice Shop for more details.

Enjoy traditional home-made spices from the 4 corners of Africa!