In Africa, cookery is a stage for performance [by the cook] and the audience [family, neighbours and guests] who respond by eating and appreciating. Like griots, Africa’s cooks have long demonstrated a remarkable ability for oral memory that combines experience, practice and the ability to replicate.

Spices are a common ingredient in many dishes right across the continent, and are valued highly for their rich flavours and colour.

Spice blends from the cradle of civilisation carry with them a combined identity and history of the areas where they were first invented.

Originally devised many centuries ago to preserve and add flavour to foods, they became highly valued as a form of currency. Today’s spice blends are a product of both convenience and economics. For example, a traditional Ethiopian recipe that uses berbere may call for dozens of individual ingredients which can be very expensive to purchase separately, and time consuming to prepare. A pre-blended combination however packs a lot of flavour punch in one small dose.

Modern scientific studies have discovered the amazing benefits associated with the use of spices. Helping your heart and cleaning arteries, lowering cholesterol, aiding in the management of blood sugar levels, and reducing the pain associated with arthritis are only some of the positives being researched. High in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, all are essential for good health.

Afrikoz Spices use only the freshest local and imported ingredients, and are based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. We are a 100% family-owned and operated husband [Australian] and wife [Kenyan] business.

It has been said that culture began when raw got cooked, and our motto is that with the addition of a little Afrikoz spice, we can help you “make great food even better – naturally.”

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