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Made in Australia, there are four delicious varieties of Afrikoz Spices to choose from. One to suit each type of cuisine and tantalise the taste buds! Gluten free, our spices are low in sodium and antioxidant-rich.

Each 100g jar costs $10 and shipping is $8.25 for up to 499g. Therefore it makes good sense to buy the whole range of 4 jars, because the shipping will cost the same amount as 1 jar, and you’ll pay $5 less – a saving of 12.5%!

NORTH: Ras el hanout which literally translates as “head of the shop” had it’s origins in the Meghribi villages of North Africa. It is a complex, distinctive mixture of many ingredients. Specific quantities are a closely guarded secret from one shop to the next and the blending process has long been considered an art. Ras el hanout is used with poultry, meat, game, rice and couscous.

Our Afrikoz Spices version contains black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, mace, nutmeg, pimento and turmeric.

tastingcomments“NORTH delivers a diverse variety of freshly ground Moroccan spice flavours to the palette with delicious mouth watering results, and finishes with a magnificent warm after glow.”


SOUTH: Cape Malay curry. The Cape Malay people arrived in South Africa from Indonesia in the late 1600’s. Their food styles form a major part of South African cuisine. Famous in Bo-Kaap, a vibrant suburb of Cape Town, the delicate balance of full bodied and fruity flavours are often enjoyed in bredies [stews] and also boboties [bakes] and sosaties [kebabs].

Our Afrikoz Spices variety includes black pepper, cardamom, chilli, cloves, coriander, curry leaf, fennel, fenugreek, ginger, mustard seed and turmeric.

tastingcomments“Cooking aromas of SOUTH waft tantalisingly to tease your guest’s noses, who’ll remark about how good dinner smells! The taste is so delicious with a lingering tingly warmth around the mouth much like ‘kisser’s lips’.”

EAST: Berbere pronounced bare-bare-ee is the name of a special spice blend that is used to preserve and flavour food. According to Ethiopian culture, the woman with the best berbere has the highest chance to win a good husband. Popular for it’s versatility berbere can be used to enhance the flavours of stews and casseroles, sprinkled over roasts, fish and vegetables or as a rub on barbequed meats and chicken. Add a little to omelettes or even pizza bases for a lift in taste. The possibilities are unlimited.

Our Afrikoz Spices blend is a mixture of black pepper, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, pimento, salt and turmeric.

WEST: Tsire is a West African mixture of ground peanuts and spices, most commonly used on grilled meats. Sometimes also referred to as suya it is revered throughout Nigeria and can found all over the country. There is no standard recipe for the production of this spicy peanut coating and ingredients may vary according to personal and regional preferences. Can be used as a dry rub or as a marinade. Great with all types of meats, but traditionally most often enjoyed on thin beef strips.

The Afrikoz Spices style Tsire contains chilli, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, peanuts and salt.

tastingcomments“WEST releases an aroma redolent of Christmas time with cinnamon and clove overtones, and is immediately fiery on the tongue. The crushed peanut texture adds dimension, while the lingering back burn is like an Aussie bush fire.”

Please refer to our recipes section for some of the most mouth watering dishes you will ever encounter, and feel free to submit your recipe and share your ideas and creations!

Enjoy traditional home-made spices from the 4 corners of Africa!